Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Rowan the builder

Rowan loves the show Bob the Builder. He really loves all things that dig, move, haul or involve a hammer and saw. He actually loves the DIY network too. With Halloween approaching we decided a great costume for Rowan would be Bob and he has been practicing for it for the last two days. Basically ever waking moment he has insisted on wearing this outfit. He will walk up to an object, pause looking at it seriously and take out his level to check if the object is level. Then he will nod his head approvingly and move on to something else. Today my dad was putting up wainscoting in our half bath and Rowan took his job as assistant very seriously. He came down from his "nap" (I put this in quotes, because today he didn't really nap) completely dressed in this outfit, ready to work. Waiting for the moment Pa needed him to check something. This kid cracks me up.


Granny said...

His Papa would have loved that.
What a GUY....I know he is PA'S pride & joy and a great helper.

Teri said...

Maybe I could hire Rowan to hang a few ceiling fans for me!!!