Tuesday, October 26, 2010

hanging out in the playroom

Just a few of the boys and I hanging out in the playroom. Eli is getting really strong and is really able to hold up his head. Rowan is talking up a storm now, and I feel like he adds 10 words a day to his vocabulary. It has been really fun to watch him start to put sentences together to convey a thought or idea. He has been really in to playing pretend and started to create imaginary worlds. I love to listen to him play as he talks to himself.

Eli is intently watching his big brother. He is so taken by Rowan, he watches his every move.


Granny said...

I love them boys so much.

Teri said...

I think Dana looks the same way Eli does when he looks at Rowan....big eyes and smiles! (Dana will look the same way at Eli once Eli smiles at him!!)

Is Rowan copying Eli by laying on the couch and sticking his tongue out? Too funny!