Wednesday, March 24, 2010

House pictures

Here are a few updated house pictures so you can see the progress. It is a really sore subject right now, and our move in date is still yet to be determined but we are happy with how things are turning out. It has been nice to see all the things we picked out come together. It is always scary when picking a material like siding, stone or roofing from one little swatch. I am still nervous about the wood floors, but hopefully will get to see those in a few weeks. All the appliances and washer and dryer have been delivered but aren't in place yet.
Some of the stonework
Gram and G-dawg's room when they visit us from California. We promise it will have walls and a door when you visit in August.
Kitchen and dinning area
Living room
View from the front porch, for which we just acquired a gliding bench. I am very excited to sit and listen to the rain on the metal roof while gliding away!
Rowan's future 'time-out' spot.


One of the neighbors stopped by today with his daughter driving this little jeep. It brought back painful memories of Emily and I begging for the Barbie convertible. Years we begged and it never got us anywhere. Anyway, Rowan was completely enamored with this jeep and was even allowed a short, very slow ride on it. Now as a parent I understand why my parents denied our constant requests for one...they go really fast and are terrifyingly dangerous. I am pretty sure if we ever acquired one Rowan he would be forced to wear a helmet and full body armor.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another warm day

We had another great day today and with a forecast of rain for the next three days, we spent hours outside. Rowan has also been obsessed with drumming lately so I caved and bought him a drum. Josh and I rarely by him toys (the grandparents take care of that for us) But I found this drum and it is actually the least offensive drum sound I have ever heard so I was sold. Rowan was very pleased to try it out.

He looks like such a big kid in this one.

Saying hi...

Public Service Announcement: Grandparents, please no need to send any other type of musical things that makes noise...I promise they will get "lost in the move" if they show up. Thank you. :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

feels like spring

It's been awhile since the last post mostly because we have been crazy busy and in the middle of packing and moving, but also because in the midst of all that I couldn't find the camera and we didn't have a single nice day to get outside and play. We are now settled in with my parents and had a beautiful day to get outside and run and play. Rowan loves having all this space and is also enjoying the constant attention. He is almost impossible to photograph these days because he never stays in one place longer than a second and is much more interested in running from one thing to the next.

Rowan was trying to climb a tree and got a little stuck in the process.

My mom got this little playhouse for free last summer and we finally had a chance to pull it out. Rowan had the best time going in and out of the door and exploring all the parts.

Having a snack