Wednesday, May 28, 2008

34.5 weeks

So this is kind of how I am feeling lately. Round and very tired. I am having a lot of back pain again and am having a lot of trouble sleeping. I know it is just part of it, but is getting a little old. I am just trying to take it easy and do small tasks each day. One of those tasks was working on some artwork for the nursery. I am not an artist, but I pretend to be and I want our children to be surrounded by art, even if it is mediocre and created by their mother. So using some various mediums I created some graphic tribal patterned animals (a giraffe, monkey and elephant). They are sort of silhouetted on a background of color. They came out better than I thought and framed they actually look pretty good. Maybe if I get brave and things hung on the walls in the nursery I will post a picture.

Josh and I headed to the doctors yesterday and everything was fine. I gained a pound, not much in belly size (just a half a centimeter) and found out the baby was breech. Which I actually suspected because of the way I have been feeling him kick and move lately. I actually think he spends most of his time traverse, laying sideways across my belly with his little feet wedged in my left hip. Sometimes he gives me such a swift kick I think my legs might buckle. But I have heard from many women that they often get wedged in your ribs, which sounds worse to me. And the bonus is I am not having any heartburn since he is not up that far. Trying to look for the positives...
The doctor said the baby still had plenty of time to move around into position, so there was no need to worry yet. I am sure he will slip down into the right place eventually, on his own time.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

33.5 weeks

So as of last Wednesday I was officially done with work...which was almost two weeks earlier than I had planned, but this baby decided it was time for me to rest and get off my feet, and it has been glorious. It makes such a difference when I can get more rest and pace myself during the day and don't have to be running a million miles an hour at school just to come home and feel guilty that I am too exhausted or in too much pain to get anything done around the house. This way I can sleep a little longer (until 7 instead of 5) and ease into the day. If I need to stop and rest I can, if I feel good I can keep going. Really every pregnant woman needs to not work through the 1st trimester, maybe pick up something in the 2nd and then stop again in the third. It would make life so much more bearable.

We have been plugging away through all the baby stuff putting things in their place and getting things ready. I don't think I am quite in the "nesting" mode yet, but anyone who knows me well, knows I need order to feel at ease, and I really have been organizing things the whole 8 months in preparation for the event. Which makes me feel a bit like a ticking time's like a race to how much I can get done or in order before this little one comes in and promptly disrupts it all.

My back is doing better, still hurting, but I think that is just par for the course. At least I can move around most of the time and even make a trip out ever once and a while (with enough Tylenol and an icepack).

We met with a pediatrician yesterday to line that up and have a few questions answered. We found out that Rowan (yes that is the name we are calling him by right now) has only about a 25% chance on inheriting the blood disorder I have which was encouraging. It is also a relief because even if he does have it, since he is a boy, he will never have to worry about birth control pills or pregnancy affecting his hormone levels (all which would put a girl at more of a risk). And the doctor was very knowledgeable about the condition and even specialized in hematology. Something I didn't know when lining him up but was very pleased to learn.

Now I just need to get the fun things done; decorating the nursery walls, putting together any last minute items, washing and putting away all his little tiny clothes...and visiting with friends before I am stuck in the house for weeks without any contact to the outside world.

7 weeks and counting....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

32 weeks

Josh and I had a busy weekend filled with lots of baby things. We made the epic journey to Babies r Us and returned some things, bought some things and tried to get the nursery ready. We spent Sunday organizing and putting things away. It is finally starting to feel like a room and not just a place to dump all the baby stuff. I can actually have the door open to the nursery and not feel embarrassed by the mess. So I think that is a step in the right direction.

I have been having a lot of back pain (probably from the stress of finishing up school and doing WAY too much this weekend). Anyway, Monday morning stepping out of the shower my back spasmed and I dropped to the floor. Monday was rough, I was and continue to be in a lot of pain. The doctor gave me some heavy pain killers, which really aren't helping, just making me really tired. I don't know what to do about work. I kind of just want to call it quits and be done. I was only going to have a week and a half left anyway. Need to figure that out soon.

The baby is fine, un-phased by everything going on around him. He continues to kick, a lot and is doing these big grand movements now where you can see my entire stomach shift from one side to the other.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

31 weeks

I was showered with gifts this weekend and had a wonderful time seeing family and friends. Josh and I were both overwhelmed by the generosity and our now in the process of sorting through it all and figuring out what we still need...and just how many onesies does a person need? We are starting to count down...8-9 weeks to go. I can't believe that is all we have left (maybe less) before we meet this little person. I am finishing up work in the next two weeks and am desperately looking forward to a little time off before our whole lives change. There are so many last minute things I feel like I need to get ready, I hope I have time to fit them all in.

I am starting to get nervous about the whole 'birth' thing, but the baby has to come out, so I don't really have a choice in the matter. I am just crossing my fingers that the stars can align and I can be induced at the time my body is getting ready on its own and I can have the wonderful thing called an epidural. That's right folks, if this little guys decided to come when he wants to, I am o'natural....awesome. It has to do with the amount of time I am off the blood thinners before an anesthesiologist will put a needle in my back. I will survive, MANY women do it and live to tell about it, and some even go on to have more children. One could argue their mental stability, but whatever. I just hope he doesn't come crazy early, because I would like a little more time to prepare.

Side note and belly is huge, or at least feels that way. I know people mean well, but if one more person tells me how big I have gotten or how I have "popped" I am going to punch them in the face. And I feel terrible, because I know I have uttered these words to my dear friends and I can promise, never again will I tell a pregnant woman anything but that she looks beautiful. Even if it is a lie. At this point I would take lies, I might even welcome them over the alternative....being the truth. I am also sick of people joking about my hormones. I know I am cranky, you don't need to point it out to me. I am cranky becuase I am not sleeping more that 1 1/2 hr intervals, have to get up at 5 just to haul myself to school to teach someone else's 12 year old brat, I am peeing more times than I can count (the total was up to 25 and that was modest) and the only perk is people hold open doors for me, sometimes.

For those of you who are out there and are pregnant or trying...I'm sorry, but someone needs to tell you the truth.