Thursday, July 29, 2010

Play time

Rowan has been rediscovering some of his old toys that I have been pulling out and organizing for Eli. He's not quite sure how he feels about Eli having toys that are just for him, but Rowan is glad Eli likes to share. Rowan has been doing a lot better with his sleeping and seems to be adjusting to our new life as a family of four. Still feels weird to me even after two weeks (today!).

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our family

Check out more of our family photo shoot at Kristen Gardner Photography! Thank Kris, for all your hard work!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Mother of two

Life so far has been good and an adjustment. Rowan adores Eli and Eli already recognizes Rowan's voice and turns to find him when he talks. Rowan regularly wants to kiss and hug Eli and even has been sharing his cars with him. He checks on Eli and makes sure he has his pacifier and lets me know if he is crying or needs me. He is a great big brother. That said, he is giving Josh and I a hard time! Bedtime has been really tough most of the days and I am definitely seeing defiance in our interactions all day. It is hard to know how much of it is him just being two, or being two and adjusting to a sibling, or being two, adjusting to a sibling and a move all in the same month. Clearly he has been through a ton of change so Josh and I are trying to find every ounce of patience and kindness to deal with this new attitude we are seeing. Sometimes I just look at Rowan and it breaks my heart because I can see him trying so hard to deal with all this change and he really tries to catch himself before he does something he isn't suppose to do but just can't figure out how to have the self control because he is only two! I know he will survive and that it is even good for him to learn that life and our family does not revolve around him. For him to learn to share, have empathy and love a sibling are invaluable lessons, it just might kill me before he learns them :)

Here is the face I am getting most is the "mom you're embarrassing me" face. I thought I had at least another 10 years before he learned this one, but I guess not!

Eli continues to grow and change each day, and regularly wiggles out of his swaddle blanket and hat. This pose just struck me funny today and had to take a picture. He looks so much like Rowan as a baby, I can't get over it. Sometimes I feel like I have been transported back two years (minus the back pain) when I look down at his little face.

visit with Nonnie

My grandmother made it out to our house yesterday to meet her new great grandson Eli. We had a great visit!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

1 week old

Eli is one week old today! He is doing great. Feeding about every 3 hours and doing 4 hour stretches at night. I know it's early and we are still in the honeymoon period of newborn, but so far this little guy has been a joy. Here are some pictures from an impromptu photo session with mommy this afternoon...he is in what we like to call a "milk coma".

I know it is probably gas, but a smile is a smile!

Wide eyed and looking at Josh
This was one of Rowan's little preemie outfits, I didn't think I would use them again. It was nice to have a few outfits that fit him the first week.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Welcome Elison Rhodes Hayden

Eli decided he would make his debut three weeks early and arrive on July 15, 2010. I had an idea he might show up a bit early, but was hoping to make it at least 2 more weeks. When I went for my 36 week appointment and was already 3-4 centimeters dilated, I was reassured that women walk around for weeks like that so not to worry. But it became clear over the next few days, I did not have weeks to wait. Irregular contractions started the next day and continued off and on the the early part of the week. By Wednesday 7/14 I was really uncomfortable and was feeling a lot of pressure. That evening I was having contractions every 10 minutes for about 2 hours. When they hit 5 minutes apart and went on for an hour I told Josh I thought we should at least go to the hospital to make sure...I didn't want to deliver in our house! Of course, as soon as I got to the hospital they stopped and the attending nurse said I wasn't any more dilated then the week before. Discouraged and tired, we headed home to climb back in bed at 3 am. So at my 37 week appointment the next morning, a mere 6 hours later, you might imagine my surprise when the doctor said he was sending me up to the hospital because I was 5 centimeters and almost completely effaced. I made a pit stop at home to get Josh and hand off Rowan to my mom and off to the hospital we went. A little shocked that everything was happening so fast. I labored along with no pain until lunch time when I got my epidural and then rested comfortably for a few more hours. At 4:30 was ready to go and watched in anticipation as they got the room ready. 2 contractions and 5 pushes later, Elison Rhodes Hayden was born at 5:04. He was 6lbs 4ozs, and 20. 5 inches long. Josh and I spent the next 48 hours getting to know our new son, a privilege we didn't have the first time around. Here are a few pictures from Eli's first hours and days.

On our way to the hospital, I made Josh take a picture. I realized I had no pictures of me pregnant this time...poor second kid.

First few moments with mommy and daddy.

Heading home.
Waiting for Rowan to arrive. Eli brought Rowan a backpack filled with new cars, bubbles, 2 tiny little dogs and chalk. It was a hit.
Enjoying the big cup I got at the hospital. He has insisted on drinking out of it the last two days.

Teaching Eli to play cars.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

We had a nice relaxing 4th today, even though Josh had to work this morning. Rowan loves to sing at church and today was jumping and dancing to the music. Maybe he is more pentecostal than we realized. Then we took him to my grandmother's for some swimming and sun. He was mostly interested in dumping water in and out of buckets and playing with trucks, but he did take a few spins around the pool as well. I was in heaven because I have been so hot all spring and summer and couldn't wait to float in the pool! He and Nonnie became instant friends when she gave him an ice cream bar and we ended the evening with some sparkles and Rowan size fireworks. I am hoping he will sleep good tonight!

We call this his "little dog" face, since he looks just like his bulldog when he makes it.

We met some friends at the Warrenton 4th of July parade yesterday. It was hilarious! It literally was kids and dogs, maybe a miniature horse or two all decorated with streamers and balloons and riding their bikes, scooters or wagons just walking down the street. Rowan loved it because it had all of his favorite things...wheels, dogs and kids. The whole parade was maybe 15 minutes and then ended with some music. Best parade for a 2 year old ever! Here is a sweet shot of Rowan and his friend Maggie as they watch the parade, so cute.

New pet?

I have mentioned before we have been made to feel right at home here living in town with all our new pets that stop by. As I type this the biggest, fattest groundhog I have ever seen is lumbering through the yard. It is bigger than most small dogs. At 36 weeks along I am sympathetic to his plight as his wobbles along looking for dinner.

Josh was successful in catching a few photos of our fox. Who is almost completely gray with a jet black tail. We see him almost every day, and he sits about 10 feet from our kitchen window just looking back at us.

You can get kind of an idea of what our backyard looks like from this one...Josh can't wait until Rowan is old enough to mow this hill so doesn't have to do it!