Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Play-doh with mommy

Rowan has been obsessed with panda bears lately. I have no idea how or why this started but for what ever reason, he loves them. He will say "panda", but mostly calls them "bamboo" or "bambooie" if he is being affectionate. Today, we were playing play-doh and it evolved in to Rowan telling me that the "bambooie" needed a bed to go "night-night" and food to eat and water to drink, and he wanted them in a dog bowl. Rowan has recently begun sleeping with a blanket (our baby-steps attempt at getting him in to a big boy bed). So of course, the panda needed a blanket as well. According to Rowan, the panda also needed a moon and star because it would be ridiculous to go to sleep with out that, right?
Hard at work making food for the panda to eat.
Deep in concentration, this is the most I could get him to look up or crack a smile. And I only got this reaction from saying several words he thinks are hilarious. What finally broke him was "endoplasmic reticulum" (thanks Mr. Murphy).

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