Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin patch

We took the boys out to the Owsley's pumpkin patch today. It was so nostalgic winding down Springs road and pulling up to the field. Even though we haven't been gone too long, with all the changes it feels like a lifetime ago. I kept watching Rowan for flashes of recognition to see if he knew where we were. He was just excited to see cows and get out and run around. The biggest hit was Rosie and Otis, the Owsley's toy poodles. Rowan squealed with delight watching them run and jump and loved chasing them around the field. He also thought it was great to weigh himself on the pumpkin scale. It was pretty windy, so Eli stayed bundled up in the front pack, but overall it was a great morning and came home with some beautiful pumpkins, watermelons and flowers.
Come on already...

Rowan and his red shades. They always make me laugh.
Eli and I cuddled up on the hay ride.

Family shot
Rowan's favorite part, driving the tractor.
Fall 2009. Look how much he has grown!

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