Friday, April 30, 2010


Rowan loves to help clean, especially when vacuuming is involved. This morning he was helping me do a little cleaning even before he was dressed for the day.

Life at the Winkler's

One of Rowan's favorite pass times is driving on the tractor, he loves to sit and pretend he is driving. He would do it for hours if we let him.

This little organ has been around a long time. My dad couldn't remember if it was his as a kid or my cousins...but either way it is almost 40 years old. Like anything in the Winkler house, it was meticulously cared for and so still is in good working order. Rowan loves it and takes his job of providing "dinner music" for my sister very seriously. Almost every night he hoists it up on the couch and sits and pounds away as Emily laughs and eats her dinner.

Backyard entertainment. These three little guys live in a tree right near the back deck and provide a lot or entertainment. Rowan thinks it is great when they chase each other around the tree.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Art for Rowan's new room

I finally finished the big piece of art for Rowan's new fire truck room. It actually didn't take as long as I thought it would, just had to spread out the time in the evenings so I didn't have a little helper getting in to all the paint. This PBkids room was my inspiration and I am hoping ours will come out just as warm and cozy. Rowan will still be in his white crib, but we bought a new white dresser that we can use as a changing table/dresser combo until we are no longer doing diapers and he can use it just as a dresser. We are going to paint the walls the same chocolate brown and I found some great red blackout curtains with grommets on top. I bought the firetruck pillow from PB and will do red and brown gingham sheets in his crib. When we finally transition him into a regular bed I will have lots of options for duvet covers with all the colors going on in the pillow.

Inspiration room from PBkids

Large firetruck painting for Rowan's room. This came out really well, I am pretty proud of it.
It is actually a triptych made of three large canvases.
A small 8x10 of a firetruck made out of dalmatians. I am not in love with this one, I kind of feel like it looks like a middle schooler made it, so the verdict is still out to whether or not it makes it in to the room.


While living with my parents, Rowan has learned a lot of new things. One in particular is that because my mom and dad both need reading glasses and my sister wears glasses all the time, Rowan thinks that to accomplish certain tasks you need to be wearing glasses. Reading and typing on the computer are two of those tasks. Every time he wants to "read" something he insists on putting on my mom's reading glasses so that he can read whatever book or magazine he wants to look through. Tonight was no different, except he put the glasses on, hoisted himself up on the couch and pulled the laptop onto his lap. I guess he wanted to read the latest gossip on facebook.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rainy day redeemed

Today it rained all morning and everyone was stuck inside. I think we are on cusp of the "terrible twos", and I should have known when I put this shirt on him this morning it was a bad sign. The weather did clear up post nap time (thank goodness) so we were able to go outside and play for a bit. Josh and I picked up this bubble wand in the $1 bin at Target last week, and Rowan thinks it is great fun. He spends half the time just smearing the bubble soap on things or shaking it really hard so the soap flies everywhere. But mostly he enjoys chasing the bubbles and stomping on them.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Twins, two years apart

So I have been staring at the ultrasound pictures for a month now convinced that I already recognized the little face found there in the blurry black and white shot. I know baby #2 will be distinct in all his own ways, but does it look familiar to anyone else?

Rowan at 1 month

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

beating the heat

It was 90 today and suppose to be hot the next few days. I ran out during nap time to get a few things to help Rowan and I beat the heat so we would still play outside.
Rowan thinks drinking out of the hose is the most amazing thing ever. It took him a few tries to get the coordination right, but once he mastered it he was so proud of himself. He would take a drink and then look up beaming.

Best $12 spent, ever.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

It's a Boy!

So these are a little over due, but here are the pictures from the ultrasound last week. It made it official, Rowan will have a little brother! No names picked out yet, we are open to suggestions. We weren't able to get the cool 4D ones this time, so we will just have to wait and see what he looks like the old fashion way.

This is the "it's a boy" shot.
Little feet

playing outside on a beautiful day

So when you leave Grandpa in charge, he gives your 21 month old a real hammer and lets him go to town. Rowan loves this about my dad, and I do too when I am not having a heart attack thinking about all the ways he could hurt himself or how I am going to have to explain the story to the social worker at the ER when we have to take him for some crazy injury. Rowan loves tools, loves them. And loves helping Grandpa fix anything. He also looks ridiculously cute in this hat my parents brought back from their trip to the beach.

He loves to make my mom climb into his little play house and play with him. She is a great sport about it, especially since Rowan's big pregnant mommy says, "no way" to his request to get in the house.

My dad got the waterfall up and running today and Rowan was mesmerized. We just have to keep him from climbing in...he tried several times. He finally settled on just splashing in it.

Dyeing Easter Eggs

So I was way more in to this than Rowan, but I did try to take a few photos to document our experience. He plopped two eggs in, swirled them around with a spoon and then told me he was all done and ran off to play. Maybe next year...

More interested in his snack than the eggs. You might also notice Monkey in these pictures, on this particular day they were inseparable. Monkey had to go everywhere with us, including a romp through the woods. He definitely needs a ride in the washing machine.