Tuesday, January 29, 2008

17 weeks and some change (by Josh)

Yesterday we went in for a visit to the doctor for Shey's regular monthly check-up and everything seems to be going really well. Shey looks great and she has been still feeling a little nauseous but no more throwing up! We heard the baby's heartbeat and went over some questions with doctor as he develops a plan for the birthing process. The exciting news from the appointment is that on Wednesday, February 20, 2008, we will find out the sex of the baby! We are really looking forward to finding out, and being able to soon talk to our child by name. (Not that we have the names picked yet, but we are compiling our lists!) It will be such a fun surprise to hear what we are having and we hope that the baby is positioned so that we will be able to tell if they are a boy or girl.

The last time we went to the doctor in December, we only heard the baby's heartbeat briefly, but this time, we heard the heartbeat loud and strong. It was a wonderful sound. In the midst of the great transition that is our life, it was a beautiful strong and steady song that I felt was urging me on towards the future, helping me to know that in the midst of a new semester of school starting, youth pastoring, financial fears, doubts about my abilities as a father, and worries about all the details that I can't control, that we just need to keep steady, and listen to the quiet but strong rhythm that brings hope of new life.

On a quite different note, since we are going to find out the sex of our child in a few weeks, we will gladly be accepting any name suggestions, just hit us up in the comments or shoot us an email. My mom has been thoroughly inundated with sports this year (my dad grew up outside of Boston, so with the Red Sox and now the Patriots, and even the Celtics tearing it up...she is getting a heavy dose of sports right now) and thus with all of her watching of random sports teams I will start the suggestions with a couple of hers: Plaxico and Coco Crisp. Any and all suggestions are welcome...I don't think we have any prizes to offer if we select your name, but I'm sure we can work something out.

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Tim said...

so, Plaxico is taken...

I think the ability to do an "ay hay" should be considered.