Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Things that made me sick today...

  1. The granola bar I ate before getting out of bed that is suppose to help me not feel sick.
  2. The plain bagel I ate for breakfast (I actually threw that back up)
  3. The smell of my own deodorant
  4. The smell of my clean hair
  5. the smell of the inside of my car
  6. saltines
  7. water
  8. the smell of my classroom without students and then with students
  9. The smell of the airfreshner in the teacher's lounge
  10. The smell of the public bathroom I had to use to throw up in at school
  11. My student asking me what my throw up tasted like ( I hate that kid)
  12. The very plain soup and bread I ate for dinner, hoping to feel better

Today was a rough day....I hope I feel better tomorrow.


Leah said...

Man I know you hate that kid and I do feel very sad that you are so sick but I sorta love that kid & hope Judah one days says stupid things like that to his teachers. Shey I do understand your plight. There came a time I stopped counting how many times I'd throw up each day but it did get better...you're getting there. Remember my low point...me throwing up in the bathroom at McDonalds but throwing up so violently I wet my own pants...that moment was great.

Kristen Gardner Photography said...

wow... I forgot about Leah peeing her pants in the bathroom of McDonalds. I just laughed out loud! At least it hasn't come to that, Shey. I am so sorry that you're feeling so crappy... but it DOES get better! Really, it does. Just hang in there and pray for snow. Before you know it, you'll be feeling great and wearing cute maternity clothes. :-)

p.s. I am going to post a few recent pics of Maggie onto my blog later. Just remember the goal of all this sickness... your sweet baby! He/She will totally be worth it. :-)

Lashelle Chappell said...

things that make me sick today...shey's blog.

things that make me feel happy today...the memory of leah in that bathroom.

sorry for the yuckiness shey! just keep thinking of that cute little butt your are going to get to pat. i love you babe!