Sunday, December 2, 2007

9 Weeks

This last week went by fairly quickly. I decorated the house for Christmas in between dry heaves. There are still no ornaments on the tree, but I will get to that slowly. It is crazy to think at this time next year we will have a 6 month old! I am still trying to be cautious about getting too attached and being too excited. But it is getting harder. With each passing week I hope more and more that this will last ans nothing will go wrong. I go to the doctors tomorrow to talk about the ultrasound and have a checkup. It will be nice to have some questions answered and be reassured that everything is going well. I am still really sick, with little to no cramping, so I am hoping that that is a good sign and that the baby (who is now officially a fetus) is here to stay. We are also starting to look at names and are open for suggestions...until we find out the gender of the baby, I am only looking at girls names. Why expend my precious energy unless I have too?

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