Saturday, April 3, 2010

playing outside on a beautiful day

So when you leave Grandpa in charge, he gives your 21 month old a real hammer and lets him go to town. Rowan loves this about my dad, and I do too when I am not having a heart attack thinking about all the ways he could hurt himself or how I am going to have to explain the story to the social worker at the ER when we have to take him for some crazy injury. Rowan loves tools, loves them. And loves helping Grandpa fix anything. He also looks ridiculously cute in this hat my parents brought back from their trip to the beach.

He loves to make my mom climb into his little play house and play with him. She is a great sport about it, especially since Rowan's big pregnant mommy says, "no way" to his request to get in the house.

My dad got the waterfall up and running today and Rowan was mesmerized. We just have to keep him from climbing in...he tried several times. He finally settled on just splashing in it.

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Teri said...

I have a feeling Gary had a hammer in Shey's hand when she was about Rowan's age!!! Love the pictures!