Friday, April 30, 2010

Life at the Winkler's

One of Rowan's favorite pass times is driving on the tractor, he loves to sit and pretend he is driving. He would do it for hours if we let him.

This little organ has been around a long time. My dad couldn't remember if it was his as a kid or my cousins...but either way it is almost 40 years old. Like anything in the Winkler house, it was meticulously cared for and so still is in good working order. Rowan loves it and takes his job of providing "dinner music" for my sister very seriously. Almost every night he hoists it up on the couch and sits and pounds away as Emily laughs and eats her dinner.

Backyard entertainment. These three little guys live in a tree right near the back deck and provide a lot or entertainment. Rowan thinks it is great when they chase each other around the tree.

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Teri said...

Guess he doesn't need his reading glasses to play the organ huh!! So cute!