Sunday, April 25, 2010

Art for Rowan's new room

I finally finished the big piece of art for Rowan's new fire truck room. It actually didn't take as long as I thought it would, just had to spread out the time in the evenings so I didn't have a little helper getting in to all the paint. This PBkids room was my inspiration and I am hoping ours will come out just as warm and cozy. Rowan will still be in his white crib, but we bought a new white dresser that we can use as a changing table/dresser combo until we are no longer doing diapers and he can use it just as a dresser. We are going to paint the walls the same chocolate brown and I found some great red blackout curtains with grommets on top. I bought the firetruck pillow from PB and will do red and brown gingham sheets in his crib. When we finally transition him into a regular bed I will have lots of options for duvet covers with all the colors going on in the pillow.

Inspiration room from PBkids

Large firetruck painting for Rowan's room. This came out really well, I am pretty proud of it.
It is actually a triptych made of three large canvases.
A small 8x10 of a firetruck made out of dalmatians. I am not in love with this one, I kind of feel like it looks like a middle schooler made it, so the verdict is still out to whether or not it makes it in to the room.

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Benjamin Owsley said...

Shey I don't know any middle schooler that could do anything like this. I think they are both really awesome! You got skillz