Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sorry Grandparents

I have been slacking on my blog posting. I knew it was getting bad because I started receiving threats from the avid readers (the grandparents) reminding me I better pick up the slack. So here are a few randoms from the last few weeks. None are great photographic works of art, but hopefully will appease those near and far who miss Rowan.

Snack time is way more fun when you wear your snack all over you face...and shirt... and hands and them wipe them all over mommy!
Lately Rowan has decided he does not want to wear his pants (I will spare you the comment about like father like son)...so after battling with him after a recent diaper change, he and Josh decided it would be way more fun to wear his shorts on his head instead.
These are just two sweet ones I took this morning. I love the way he is sitting with his little legs crossed. He has been obsessed with all things that have wheels. One of his trains actually had to read books with us last night.

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Teri said...

OK.....no more threats until next week! Give Rowan some hugs and kisses from Gram.