Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rowan is very excited about Gram, G-dawg and Uncle Casey visiting soon! He can't wait to see everyone!
Concentrating very hard while playing with a new toy
In the last month, Rowan has really taken off with his signing. He has even made a few up on his own. He can now sign more, please, airplane, all done, and 'later' (this one he made up himself). He signs drink, ball, book, music and help a little less frequently, but we are still working on those. Here he was signing please over and over because he desperately wanted to touch the camera. He likes pushing the button to review all the pictures we have taken.
Rowan also loves to clean up...he loves anything that involves cleaning. It might be because that is all he sees his mother do. Sometimes I think he spills his cheerios just so I have to get down the dust-buster. He LOVES pretending he is vacuuming. He even makes a vacuuming sound.

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Teri said...

Rowan will only have to sign "please" to me once and I'll let him have whatever he wants.'s great to be a grandparent! (hope this won't keep you guys from leaving him alone with me!!!)