Sunday, May 17, 2009

This and that...

It has been a busy month and I haven't been good about getting the camera out as much as I should. Rowan has been teething again and this has meant some restless night for all of us. He is up to 19 lbs now and is working on crawling (sort of). He is dying to be mobile and likes to be up on his hands and knees but can't figure out what to do after that. He will stay poised and ready, beaming with his accomplishment until he can't take the temptation any more and dives toward whatever toy he wants. I think he is practicing his racing dive for the summer swimming he will do. He continues to develop his very strong personality and is working on expressing more what he wants and doesn't. He has taken to sleeping with this tiny little monkey finger puppet. Josh named him Michelangelo (after the ninja turtle not the artist). It is so cute, he will snuggle up with it and keep it right by his face.

He has also taken an interest in my laundry day when I was folding clothes he was insistent on getting in one and was very pleased to have his snack there while I finished the laundry.

Josh isn't indoctrinating him toward a certain sport too strongly is he !?!

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Victoria said...

my deep thought of the day: omg, we just bought that exact same sippy cup in the same color!