Monday, April 6, 2009


Rowan and my dad have matching Converse hi-tops, each were given a pair as a gift at different times. I thought it might be a neat shot to see the two shoes together. A feeble attempt at some still life art.


Todd said...

not feeble at all, Josh--very cool.

Robyn said...

Definitely effective as still life. I would vote for the two pairs side by side. It is evocative of the way in which child and adult walk through life side by side. One can almost see the tiny child with a hand reaching up to the adult, ready to be lead into the ways of life.
Enjoyed these pics. :)

Josh said...

I wish I could take credit for these pics...but they are all Shey! Shey has the much better artistic eye. i get lucky sometimes, but Shey is the talented one in our family.

i like the side by side ones too Robyn!

Ewall said...

Feeble, schmeeble. Shey, those are great shots! I haven't taken any pictures in a while and am at best an enthusiast, but I think those are great. My favs are #2 and #1. In that order. I think they're frame worthy. I would if I'd taken them. I'm just sayin.