Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Final Four

The final four begins today, and anyone who knows me (Josh), knows that I am a big North Carolina Tarheels men's basketball fan. When I was in 3rd grade I played on a basketball team called the Tarheels, and that year I had a really great time and was defensive player of the year. It meant a lot to me, so I asked my dad if the Tarheels were a real team (I had already liked the Lakers at that point in direct opposition to my dad's favorite Celtics) and he told me that they were in fact a real team, but that they were a college team, not a pro team like I usually watched. Pops also told me that the Tarheels had a really good coach, Dean Smith, and that one of my favorite Laker players James Worthy also had played for the Tarheels. (Believe it or not, Micheal Jordan being a Tarheel was not a selling point at the time, since his Bulls and my Lakers were rivals.) So I started watching the Tarheels and even though they had some rough years for a while, it is really fun to see them play in back to back Final Fours. Let's just hope that the outcome is a lot better than their blowout loss to eventual champions Kansas last year.

So with all that said, thanks to his auntie Lashelle and his uncle John who gave Rowan this awesome shirt as gift before he entered the world, I thought I'd share with you a couple of pics from Rowan sporting Tarheel blue and practicing his game faces.

The "Hey, glad you are here to watch the game" face:
The "Oh man this is close" face:
The "Did you just see that!" face:
The "focus wins championships" face:
The "We just won" face:
And the "I'm just to cute, you better keep taking pictures of me" face:

So on behalf of Rowan and I, we wanted to say Go Tarheels!

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Todd said...

damn he's adorable!good luck tonight!