Saturday, April 11, 2009

10 months old!

Rowan is 10 months old, has 6 teeth and is talking non-stop! He has really found his voice and spends most of the day squealing with delight, frustration or just general conversation. He babbles ma ma, da da, and something that sounds a lot like 'cat'. He hasn't given Josh and I names yet, but will look at the correct person when asked "where's Daddy or Mommy?" He loves being outside and we spend most of our time there when the weather is nice. He isn't crawling yet, but does a lot of rolling one way or the other. He is a little over 17 lbs and has changed so much, he is looking less baby every day. It is hard to believe we are getting ready to celebrate his 1st birthday soon!

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Lauren said...

He is so adorable :) I can't believe how big he is!