Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Smiles and Hoods

So here are a couple of good pics of Rowan smiling and my latest favorite, Rowan in a hooded sweatshirt. I mean seriously, I love it. Shey and Rowan came to ultimate frisbee the other night and it got pretty chilly and so Shey put the hooded sweatshirt on him and I just think he looks so cute. On a side note, little man is getting heavier...going to have to start lifting weights to keep up with being able to carry him.


Teri said...

OK...with his eyes closed, he's looking alot like Josh. But when he opens them, it throws me off. Those big beautiful eyes and eyelashes are definitely from his mom (isn't he lucky!!). He's fortunate you guys are both so cute! : )

Teri said...

Oh my Rowan!! I should have had G-Dawg take a picture of me working from home yesterday. Instead of having my work laid out in front of me, I had all the new pictures your parents sent me laid out, so I could look at you over and over. You are SO cute. I can't wait to live closer to you so I can see you in person!!!