Saturday, August 9, 2008

for G-Dawg

So my dad has decided in act of preserving his "hipness" (or rebellion against the notion of being a grandfather at a young age) that he would like to be called "G-Dawg." Not G-Dog, but the mid-1990's slang noun, dawg over dog. Word. In this spirit and in an homage to the bulldog tattoo on his arm, G-Dawg has bought a bulldog stuffed animal and a cool outfit with a bulldog on it for our main man Rowan. Here's a couple of cute pics dedicated to G-Dawg from the young puppy, Rowan. And also a pic with G-Dawg trying to convince Rowan of the need to root for the Patriots and Red Sox. What G-Dawg doesn't know is that we have told Rowan that baseball is an imaginary game that they only play on TV, and that soccer is a much better and real sport.


april said...

that is really funny.

Lauren said...

Baseball is the foundation of American sports and thus is the greatest team sport of all time - and much more fun to watch than people running up and down a field for 90 minutes :). However, when one roots for the Red Sox, that might diminish the enjoyment of the sport :).

LOVE the bulldog, Rowan, and "G-Dawg" - that is what makes grandpas, in general, so cool :).