Wednesday, May 28, 2008

34.5 weeks

So this is kind of how I am feeling lately. Round and very tired. I am having a lot of back pain again and am having a lot of trouble sleeping. I know it is just part of it, but is getting a little old. I am just trying to take it easy and do small tasks each day. One of those tasks was working on some artwork for the nursery. I am not an artist, but I pretend to be and I want our children to be surrounded by art, even if it is mediocre and created by their mother. So using some various mediums I created some graphic tribal patterned animals (a giraffe, monkey and elephant). They are sort of silhouetted on a background of color. They came out better than I thought and framed they actually look pretty good. Maybe if I get brave and things hung on the walls in the nursery I will post a picture.

Josh and I headed to the doctors yesterday and everything was fine. I gained a pound, not much in belly size (just a half a centimeter) and found out the baby was breech. Which I actually suspected because of the way I have been feeling him kick and move lately. I actually think he spends most of his time traverse, laying sideways across my belly with his little feet wedged in my left hip. Sometimes he gives me such a swift kick I think my legs might buckle. But I have heard from many women that they often get wedged in your ribs, which sounds worse to me. And the bonus is I am not having any heartburn since he is not up that far. Trying to look for the positives...
The doctor said the baby still had plenty of time to move around into position, so there was no need to worry yet. I am sure he will slip down into the right place eventually, on his own time.

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april said...

hang in there girlfriend. i am so glad you got out of work early. let me repeat my former advice: take it freakin easy.