Tuesday, May 20, 2008

33.5 weeks

So as of last Wednesday I was officially done with work...which was almost two weeks earlier than I had planned, but this baby decided it was time for me to rest and get off my feet, and it has been glorious. It makes such a difference when I can get more rest and pace myself during the day and don't have to be running a million miles an hour at school just to come home and feel guilty that I am too exhausted or in too much pain to get anything done around the house. This way I can sleep a little longer (until 7 instead of 5) and ease into the day. If I need to stop and rest I can, if I feel good I can keep going. Really every pregnant woman needs to not work through the 1st trimester, maybe pick up something in the 2nd and then stop again in the third. It would make life so much more bearable.

We have been plugging away through all the baby stuff putting things in their place and getting things ready. I don't think I am quite in the "nesting" mode yet, but anyone who knows me well, knows I need order to feel at ease, and I really have been organizing things the whole 8 months in preparation for the event. Which makes me feel a bit like a ticking time bomb...it's like a race to how much I can get done or in order before this little one comes in and promptly disrupts it all.

My back is doing better, still hurting, but I think that is just par for the course. At least I can move around most of the time and even make a trip out ever once and a while (with enough Tylenol and an icepack).

We met with a pediatrician yesterday to line that up and have a few questions answered. We found out that Rowan (yes that is the name we are calling him by right now) has only about a 25% chance on inheriting the blood disorder I have which was encouraging. It is also a relief because even if he does have it, since he is a boy, he will never have to worry about birth control pills or pregnancy affecting his hormone levels (all which would put a girl at more of a risk). And the doctor was very knowledgeable about the condition and even specialized in hematology. Something I didn't know when lining him up but was very pleased to learn.

Now I just need to get the fun things done; decorating the nursery walls, putting together any last minute items, washing and putting away all his little tiny clothes...and visiting with friends before I am stuck in the house for weeks without any contact to the outside world.

7 weeks and counting....


Victoria said...

yay, I'm so glad to hear you get to stay home now! I know when I was all droopy 1st tri, it was so helpful to be able to just go with the flow, even though my travails were relatively minor... and yay for fun stuff! I'm putting hardcore nesting off as long as I can, though I have half-heartedly started the drudgery of trying to decide what big ticket items we'll need and which models to buy. Bleh. Everything's so frilly and pastel! I'll be glad when that part's over, and I can move on to the part I'm looking forward to: teeny tiny clothes! Unlike all the unavoidable bulky equipment, at least those I know exactly where they're going to hide when not in use...

CayHay said...

This is Awesome, I am sorry that you are in pain though at all! That part must suck big time! Although I must say that I am excited for a little guy running around with a cape on besides me in the family!! Prayin for yaw!