Sunday, February 17, 2008

20 weeks...half way there

I think there is no hiding I am pregnant anymore. The belly is not huge, but there non the less. The baby has been kicking a lot everyday. Always when I am sitting and especially in the car. Who knows why. I was sick last week with a cold and nausea. Threw up twice and was just nauseous the rest of the time. I find myself feeling that way when I get run down or really tired. So I took advantage of Josh being out of town this weekend and went to bed every night by 8. We are starting to consolidate all of our junk to make room for the nursery to be built. My dad is starting on the construction on Friday, and I am excited to see the room come together. It is hard to imagine what it will look like with all the little baby things set up in it. My appointment is on Wednesday, and I am sure we will update soon after to give you the news about the gender and general health of the baby. I am sure everything is fine, but it will be nice to hear it from the doctor.

Until then...

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Kristen Gardner Photography said...

Now we know why the baby has been kicking so much... you have a little soccer player in there! I'm so glad that the appointment went well. You're half-way there!