Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Rowan is three. Honestly there have been many days in this last year when I genuinely thought he would not live to see this day. The twos were tumultuous. But here we are...three. Rowan had an unexpected beginning (read his birth story here) filled with hospitals and doctors and dashed expectations, but three years later Rowan shows none of the signs of a premature baby and only the strength and resilience he has always had. He is smart and kind. Shy and cautious, adventurous and mischievous and has a budding sense of humor. He likes to tease, loves to sing and dance and has such an acute attention to detail there is no chance in getting anything past this kid. He is helpful and silly, sensitive and loving and has transitioned through this last year of a million changes like a champ. Happy Birthday sweet Rowan, we love you!

Rowan at 2
Rowan at 3
We had a construction party for him the day after his birthday, but here are few from our small family party on his actual birthday.
His favorite gift...drums. Thanks Gram and G-dawg.
After every song his raises his hands and yells, "rock star!"
The party. So we got rained out at the beginning, but thank goodness the clouds parted and we ended up with a nice afternoon. Some friends in the pool.
Water balloon. This was a specific request of Rowans and I think the thing that was most enjoyed. The best part about three, is that they had no concept of throwing them at each other, they were more than happy to do a crazy jump and throw them at a hula hoop.

Jesse giving them a target. They all kept looking around like, "Are we really allowed to do this? Are we going to get in trouble?"Some details. My dad put together this big box with kid friendly screws and bolts for the kids to "fix". They loved it.
Party gifts, each kid received a hard hat and tool belt with "Rowan's construction" on it.

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