Thursday, June 16, 2011

11 months old

Eli is 11 months old. Crazy. This time last year I was very pregnant, enduring record breaking heat and moving in to our house. Eli has developed a lot this month. He has gotten two new teeth bringing the total to 8. He has learned to pull up to standing and to "cruise" around furniture or to walk while pushing something and in general is terrorizing the house (and his brother). He LOVES music and will dance to anything that has a hint of a beat. We will try to post a video soon.
Please notice that he has a perfectly good pool in the background, but prefers a bucket.
Walking around the ottoman.

He loves to look out the windows which are just the right size for him.

He pushes my side tables all around the living/dinning area like a walker.

"I am going to eat that camera!"


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L INGRAM said...

That is one beautiful boy! Those eyes are killer!