Monday, April 11, 2011


Rowan and I went for a little ramble yesterday. It was chilly, but we were determined to get some outside time. We poked around the yard, checking on the new plants that are growing and blooming and then played a little t-ball. As much as Josh and I tried to fight it and tell Rowan baseball was an imaginary sport, he seems to love it anyway. He is still working on hitting the ball and not the tee but can actually hit the ball if pitched to him. Pretty impressive for a 2 year old.

Daffodil border coming up the stairs to the front door.

So I bought a variety pack of bulbs last fall...or at least I thought I did. Of all the daffodils that came up, all were yellow but this one lone flower.
Our blooming pear tree. After doing all our planting late last fall, it has been fun to see things bloom and grow this spring.

And of course, how better to end a chilly morning, but with a little hot tea, animal crackers for dipping and some HGTV.

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