Friday, April 22, 2011

Dying Easter Eggs

Rowan was way more in to dying eggs this year than last year. He has asked to do it again and again. Not sure what I would do with all those hard boiled eggs, so he might just have to wait until next year to do more. He had a little trouble grasping "be gentle" with the eggs, so most ended up cracked, but he didn't seem to mind at all. I had to let go on my inner control freak and let him go to town, making a mess, dying everything and cracking almost every single egg. In the end he had a blast so I guess that's all that matters :)

Finished product.
Washing up all the containers.

On an Easter related tangent, Rowan is really excited to get a visit from the Easter bunny. They other day when I told him about it, he replied, "Can I meet him, and visit his house in the field?". He has also asked every single day since then if the Easter bunny can come over and play.

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