Friday, September 10, 2010

Visit to the Warrenton Caboose

Rowan spent the morning with Josh so I could go have a birthday lunch for my mom with she and my grandmother. Josh wanted to take Rowan to do something special so they visited the caboose just off the greenway in old town. Rowan had a great time exploring and loved climbing on and off the "choo choo". He also ran a good portion of the greenway so he is enjoying a nice long nap right now.

Rowan was so excited to be able to wear his fire truck fleece this morning. I bought it for him last week and it has been too hot. He has been asking to wear it every day, so was thrilled this morning when it was in the 60's and cool enough.
"What's up ladies?"

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Kristen Gardner Photography said...

what a cutie! love this little guy.