Monday, September 13, 2010

Life at our house these days

Where to begin...Eli's reflux is under control these days, which has dramatically improved the quality of life around here. I am on a strict diet, he's on medicine and he still spits up, A LOT, but it is much more manageable. And he is just making sure that I have to systematically clean all my couch cushions. But he is gaining weight and growing so even though it is hard, it isn't effecting him too much.

Rowan continues to be a pistol. He can make you smile and want to yell all in the same moment. He is growing and changing every day and is mastering so many new words it is hard to keep up. He is a bundle of energy that loves to run, jump and play any kind of sport. He has really taken to baseball, much to Josh's dismay, but also loves soccer. He is obsessed with panda bears, Winnie the Pooh, fire trucks, Pa (grandpa) and watching a video of Josh's dad (g-dawg) ride his motorcycle. This morning he was thrilled to find this hat that Gram (Josh's mom) made for him last winter. If you can't tell, it's a panda bear! He ran around the house yelling, "bamboo", which to him is interchangeable with the word "panda". He insisted on wearing it for breakfast and while he played with his toys this morning.
He also really loves his fireman boots and wears them around the house most of the time.

Rowan loves when Eli comes in to his room and lays in his crib. Eli loves the dark brown wall and the white lines of the crib so both boys are pleased to spend time there. Rowan is always trying to hold Eli's hand, sometimes it works out.
Rowan is Eli's favorite person. He looks for him if he hears his voice and watching him intently.
Eli getting kisses from Little Dog.
...and Monkey

...and Rowan

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Oh my goodness. These are so cute.