Monday, July 26, 2010

Mother of two

Life so far has been good and an adjustment. Rowan adores Eli and Eli already recognizes Rowan's voice and turns to find him when he talks. Rowan regularly wants to kiss and hug Eli and even has been sharing his cars with him. He checks on Eli and makes sure he has his pacifier and lets me know if he is crying or needs me. He is a great big brother. That said, he is giving Josh and I a hard time! Bedtime has been really tough most of the days and I am definitely seeing defiance in our interactions all day. It is hard to know how much of it is him just being two, or being two and adjusting to a sibling, or being two, adjusting to a sibling and a move all in the same month. Clearly he has been through a ton of change so Josh and I are trying to find every ounce of patience and kindness to deal with this new attitude we are seeing. Sometimes I just look at Rowan and it breaks my heart because I can see him trying so hard to deal with all this change and he really tries to catch himself before he does something he isn't suppose to do but just can't figure out how to have the self control because he is only two! I know he will survive and that it is even good for him to learn that life and our family does not revolve around him. For him to learn to share, have empathy and love a sibling are invaluable lessons, it just might kill me before he learns them :)

Here is the face I am getting most is the "mom you're embarrassing me" face. I thought I had at least another 10 years before he learned this one, but I guess not!

Eli continues to grow and change each day, and regularly wiggles out of his swaddle blanket and hat. This pose just struck me funny today and had to take a picture. He looks so much like Rowan as a baby, I can't get over it. Sometimes I feel like I have been transported back two years (minus the back pain) when I look down at his little face.

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Leah said...

Shey I'm going to try to call today or tomorrow. Judah had been such a good sleeper then Lydia came and he decided to fight sleep and naptimes. It was hard so I know what you are going through. But I'm so proud of how you are adjusting. You seem much more adjusted than me! :) Love you friend.