Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

We had a nice relaxing 4th today, even though Josh had to work this morning. Rowan loves to sing at church and today was jumping and dancing to the music. Maybe he is more pentecostal than we realized. Then we took him to my grandmother's for some swimming and sun. He was mostly interested in dumping water in and out of buckets and playing with trucks, but he did take a few spins around the pool as well. I was in heaven because I have been so hot all spring and summer and couldn't wait to float in the pool! He and Nonnie became instant friends when she gave him an ice cream bar and we ended the evening with some sparkles and Rowan size fireworks. I am hoping he will sleep good tonight!

We call this his "little dog" face, since he looks just like his bulldog when he makes it.

We met some friends at the Warrenton 4th of July parade yesterday. It was hilarious! It literally was kids and dogs, maybe a miniature horse or two all decorated with streamers and balloons and riding their bikes, scooters or wagons just walking down the street. Rowan loved it because it had all of his favorite things...wheels, dogs and kids. The whole parade was maybe 15 minutes and then ended with some music. Best parade for a 2 year old ever! Here is a sweet shot of Rowan and his friend Maggie as they watch the parade, so cute.

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Teri said...

Thinking of Rowan just brings a smile to my face! Such a big boy now. I LOVE the picture of him and Maggie. So sweet!