Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rowan is 2!

We celebrated Rowan turning to 2 today. It was nice and laid back and the way I think all birthdays should a little too many sweets, get a few really fun presents, and get to be with the people you love (at least as many of them as you can). I don't know how much of "birthday" he understands, but he definitely understood it was a special day. I hope he isn't too disappointed when he doesn't get jelly beans for breakfast, new toys and cupcakes for dessert tomorrow. Honestly, I think the part he enjoyed the most was having both Josh and I around the whole day together. Things have been so crazy lately with the house and life and new baby, it is rare that we are both in the same place together and aren't stressed or trying to frantically relay information to each other before we forget it. I know Rowan has felt this pressure and I really wanted to give him a day of special attention and peacefulness. So we had a leisurely breakfast and opened up birthday cards and two small wrapped presents (jellybeans and some matchbox cars). Then took him downstairs where the real gifts awaited. In my family growing up when there was a gift with a lot of moving pieces or assemble required it was always put together for us and waiting unwrapped, ready to be played with immediately. I don't know why this always seemed magical to me, but I loved it and have started doing it with Rowan. It is great to see them enjoy something right away without having to watch you put it together. I think this also takes the pressure off the assembly process, because you can take your time and make sure it is going together right.

So we spent the morning just letting him play with his new toys, then in the afternoon took him to the store where he could pick out a new truck or two using his birthday money. He has really gotten in to being in charge of his own purchases...I let him hold it and hand it to the cashier. I haven't let him do money yet, but he is starting to understand that we have to wait and pay for things at a store.

I know it is cliche, but I could have never imagined how much he would grow and change in a year. This last year has been my favorite so far, even with all the new challenges that go in to having a toddler that are so different than having a baby, it has been really special to see him become a little person. A great little person, with his daddy's kind heart and gentle spirit and his mommy's eyes and attention to detail. I can't wait to see him be a big brother, I know he will be great. Happy Birthday my sweet sweet Rowan!

Rowan's presents waiting for him...
He's got pretty good form for a 2 year old.
Crawling in and out of his new tent.
Playing with his new parking garage.

Really excited about his balloons.

**Side note- what I love about little kids is their ability to be equally thrilled with the $1.99 pack of Elmo stickers and expensive toy with all the moving parts. Most of the time the are more thrilled with the cheap gift.**


LL INGRAM said...

It's very true about the inexpensive gifts. When Lucas turned two the only thing he wanted to play with on his birthday was his Elmo balloon!

SarahRachel said...

Sounds like a very cool day! I like the idea of the already assembled gifts! Rowan is gorgeous and I love the pics! =)

Teri said...

hummm.....great form shooting the basketball. He may play for the Celtics one day (not the purple team!!).

Josh said...

Mom. he does have good form. but there will be no playing for the Celtics unless he wants to move out and live with G-Dawg.

Teri said...

Somehow Rowan living without G-Dawg doesn't feel like a threat!!