Wednesday, June 2, 2010

just a morning in June

Rowan and I had the whole house to ourselves this morning. I think this has happened only twice since we have been living with my parents. We took the opportunity to spend some time together and do some chores. You might be thinking, "chores are not quality time together"...but this kid loves himself a vacuum cleaner, and actually likes a little down time to play quietly and entertain himself while we are in the same room together while we rock out to some music.

At one point while cleaning the bathroom room, I see Rowan go by with the laundry basket, then his chair, then the basket of toys. I hear him huffing and puffing as he positions everything where he wants them, then watch him climb in to sit in his favorite place and play. I had to get a few pictures, because I can't believe he has gotten so big he can now do all that by himself.

Rowan got this lawn mower for Christmas, but it has been packed away since we relocated. The other day we finally dug it out of a box and he has loved it! I can't find the bubbles that go in it, but I am sure they will surface when we finally unpack everything.
He gets deep in thought when he is out mowing, sometimes singing to himself or having a conversation with the dog.
Stopping for a minute as he chatters away at me about something the dog was doing.
He takes his job very seriously, and drives the mower all over the yard.
He and his best buddy, Dakota, playing with some cups and a bucket of water. This activity can keep him occupied for an hour. He likes to help water all the plants, or make sure Dakota is getting some water to drink. He also likes to water mommy's feet on a hot day.

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Lauren said...

Way too cute - I can't believe how big he is getting!!