Wednesday, March 24, 2010

House pictures

Here are a few updated house pictures so you can see the progress. It is a really sore subject right now, and our move in date is still yet to be determined but we are happy with how things are turning out. It has been nice to see all the things we picked out come together. It is always scary when picking a material like siding, stone or roofing from one little swatch. I am still nervous about the wood floors, but hopefully will get to see those in a few weeks. All the appliances and washer and dryer have been delivered but aren't in place yet.
Some of the stonework
Gram and G-dawg's room when they visit us from California. We promise it will have walls and a door when you visit in August.
Kitchen and dinning area
Living room
View from the front porch, for which we just acquired a gliding bench. I am very excited to sit and listen to the rain on the metal roof while gliding away!
Rowan's future 'time-out' spot.


Mary said...

It looks so great! I'm very jealous that you have a basement . . . we don't have those here in SC.

SarahRachel said...

GORGEOUS!! That is HILARIOUS that you have his time out spot picked out! Our house was built in 1927 and while I love the character of it, the idea of a fresh, NEW, clean house sounds AWESOME! =)

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