Thursday, March 11, 2010

Another warm day

We had another great day today and with a forecast of rain for the next three days, we spent hours outside. Rowan has also been obsessed with drumming lately so I caved and bought him a drum. Josh and I rarely by him toys (the grandparents take care of that for us) But I found this drum and it is actually the least offensive drum sound I have ever heard so I was sold. Rowan was very pleased to try it out.

He looks like such a big kid in this one.

Saying hi...

Public Service Announcement: Grandparents, please no need to send any other type of musical things that makes noise...I promise they will get "lost in the move" if they show up. Thank you. :)

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Teri said...

I have read the public announcement, and I will comply...however, I can't guarantee what G-Dawg will do. I have to say, it was a brillant move on Shey's part to buy the drum before G-Dawg had a chance to!! I made the picture of Rowan waving as my wallpaper. I'm pretending he's waving to me! : ) The third picture down is hysterical. It looks like he's really rocking out! Give him hugs and kisses from Gram and G-Dawg.