Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New House!

We were surprised today with a call from a builder that the house was going to be set up today instead of tomorrow! Josh and my dad braved the cold and watched/filmed most of the process. Rowan and I showed up at the very end as they were putting the last piece in place and for a walk through. Rowan was SO excited to see all the cranes and big trucks...and the "imaginary" new house we have been talking about for months. Overall I was really pleased with all the finishes we chose. It will be so fun to see the progress from here!

Front view. Siding, gables, front porch, metal roof and stone work all to come.
Rear view. Lots of windows!

Kitchen, not very big, but I think it will work for us. The pictures make the cabinets look weird, they are way nicer in person. If you walked a few more feet and turned right, you would be in the playroom.
I am thinking about hanging some pendant lights over the sink area.
Breakfast nook
Playroom off of kitchen. This will have a double window where the cut out is and two single windows along left wall.
Living room

Standing in foyer looking at living room. Half bath on the left, closet on the right. The doors were a nice surprise, we really like the design.
Rowan was really excited to look out all the windows and get to explore upstairs.
He was also super excited about the giant rolls of carpet/padding he found.
Stairwell. We have two windows that brighten up the stairwell and hallway.

Small hall in master to the walking-in closet on left and on-suite bath.

Master Bath

Spare room upstairs with view of backyard.

Rowan's bath
The upstairs hallway from Rowan's room. The center studs will come down so it will be more open. Laundry is in the closet to the right, Rowan's bath is just beyond that and Josh is standing in front the spare bedroom. The Master is to the left of the framed wall.
Rowan's room
Rowan standing at his window in his new room...it had the best view of the big crane, so he was very pleased.

View from Rowan's room...I think he has the best view in the house.


Teri said...

hummmm....I've gotta book a flight so I can see this in person! Love all the choices you guys made, it's going to be so much fun for you guys to have your own place.

Leah said...

HOORAY!!! I feel like its real now. I can't wait to see more of it come together!

Granny said...

Oh My....I am SO EXCITED for YOU. Love all of the pictures. Thanks so much for sharing them.
Rowan seems pretty happy with his room ;-) It will be fun watching the progress.

Emily Ambuske said...

looks awesome! so exciting. congrats guys!!

Karen W. said...

This looks great, and the views from Rowan's room unbelievable. Is this a module home. Ed is always talking about these homes in retirement. Plus being closer to Jack, Maggie and everyone else. Congrats guys..you deserve it. Karen alias Biker GaGa