Monday, January 18, 2010

19 months

I can't believe Rowan is already such a little kid...there isn't much baby left in him. He has developed such a personality that is equally endearing and infuriating. He can tear a room apart in three seconds and then climb into your lap and give you hugs and kisses, then ignore you when you ask him to help you clean it up. He loves to play pretend, to sing and dance, to vacuum and cook you some food in his kitchen. He loves to use his tools to "fix" things for you and loves and cares for all his stuffed animals, especially his best buddy Monkey. He has started to climb everything and is trying to talk nonstop. Sometimes when he doesn't know how to say a word he just pretends and moves him mouth with no sound. He loves to play games and to tease, and has such a tender heart just like his dad. Here are few recent photos of Rowan making me laugh.

He really needed to sit in the laundry basket and "fix" his school bus.
He was so proud of himself for trying on Josh's boots and that he demanded I keep taking pictures of him.

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