Friday, November 6, 2009


Rowan is starting to get the whole walking thing down a lot better. Here is a little montage of videos demonstrating his progress. You even get to see his monkey/Mowgli (from Jungle Book) crawling/walking a little too! Also, one of our favorite things is that he keeps his left hand/arm up like he is holding someone's hand and walking, so cute.

And here is a short video of Rowan walking and fake crying because he really wants the camera. And so he's following Shey around walking, but also fake crying in hopes to grab the illustrious camera. Ridiculous.

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Granny said...

Keep going Rowan...all the way to California ;-) Gram and G-Dawg keep looking on the steps (outside) for a package from Va.
Granny is SO PROUD OF YOU!!!!
Josh and Shey, it's only just begun, LOL!!! MANY fun filled days ahead.