Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Leaf blower

Most kids are scared of loud noises, and the things that make them, right? Not this kid. We have already established his love of vacuum cleaners, dust-busters, the dryer, but now we have broadened the scope to leaf blowers. When you first turn it on, you might think Rowan is scared, because he is shaking...then you realize he has a huge grin on his face and is shaking out of pure joy and excitement, in the "I must have that right now" kind of way. Today we walked hand in hand while he held on to the leaf blower helping me clean off the patio. He gave me a very frantic "please" when we were done to ask if he could play with it. He is ridiculous.

Doesn't he look just like a Hayden in this one?

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Teri said...

I love the picture where his bottom lip is under his top lip, he's really concentrating! And...look how dirty the bottom of his shoes are, he must be on his feet alot! : )