Monday, October 19, 2009

Recent photos

There is no common theme in these photos, just random ones that I have been meaning to post.

A few left over from the beach

This is Rowan's monkey walk...
Standing all by himself outside...
The other day Rowan asked to have breakfast with me (after he had already eaten) so we are having some special K together, milk on the side :)

Rowan sleeps like this often, and it always makes me laugh to find him this way. He is curled up on his little bulldog that he sleeps with.
Messing around with lighting while we played outside


Teri said...

He's so big. I love the one with him at the table, his little head barely reaching over and oooohhhhh those big eyes. Makes you want to squeeze him. Give him kisses from Gram and G-Dawg.

Kristen Gardner Photography said...

He is SO adorable! I love all the new photos. And the last few are especially cool... love the lighting!!