Sunday, September 14, 2008

growing up fast...3 months old

Shey and I can't believe how fast Rowan seems to be growing and doing new things. Rowan hit three months this week, and so the new monkey picture is above. This past week or so, Rowan has started to really become aware of his hands, and he has actually started holding some toys, and now, can even hit his toys every once and a while by himself. This morning before church, he even held a rattle with both hands and brought it up to his mouth and played with it all by himself! So below, we have a video of him talking with Shey and hitting his toy. Also, Shey's mom, Rowan's Katie Nana, turned 50 on Thursday, and we took some pictures of the little man to commemorate the occasion! Happy 50th to Kathy! So besides the video, we also have a few of the latest pics of the Rowan! We hope folks are well!

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Katie Nana said...

I love the pictures...thanks for telling everyone my age.