Monday, June 9, 2008

in the meantime

so things have been a little crazy for the hayden's lately as i mentioned in the previous post. i preached at church yesterday (a modified version of my master's sermon) and shared a little about the perspectives of students in terms of faith issues and families for a parenting seminar happening at church. while i was gone, the doctor did a pelvic exam and it turns out that Shey was 3 cm dilated already, and that she was having contractions every once and a while. the doc also thought that our little man was no longer breached but was now head down and in the right position.

well, this was a surprise to everyone (including the doctors) so today, they performed an amniocentesis to find out whether Rowan's lungs are mature enough to be delivered. we are waiting on the results of the test, and if his lungs look mature enough, they are probably going to induce Shey into labor tomorrow. Shey's cervix is looking "favorable", the placenta is in the right place, Rowan is turned and in position, and so the conditions are looking better and better for an early delivery.

unfortunately they haven't been able to get Shey's back spasms to stop yet. while the frequency of the spasms have decreased, the intensity has not. because they have not been able to manage Shey's pain adequately yet, we are hoping that Rowan's lungs are mature enough for delivery, and that the "semi-optimism" of our doctor will be confirmed, and Shey will be able to begin labor, with an epidural (!!!!...finally some pain relief) and we will begin the new and exciting adventures of parenthood. hopefully Shey's spasms will cease after delivery, otherwise...well, that would not be fun.

thanks for all the prayers and support. sorry if i haven't been able to get back to you if you have called or emailed...but know that we appreciate all the love...


Tom said...

we're still praying for you two. you're on our minds a lot josh and shey and rowan

april said...

holy cow! what a surprise!

wait, rowan, i still haven't given your parents their shower gift....!
(actually, that's ok, you can come whenever you want.)

Stephen said...

It's nice to hear some good news. We're still praying for you! Let us know if we can do anything for you.

Lauren said...

Praying for you guys and I hope everything turns out alright and that little Rowan can join the Warrenton Baby Club today!! Much love to you three!!