Friday, June 27, 2008

boy parts-our son is gifted

So having a little boy was always a daunting idea and certainly dealing with the difference in our anatomy was always a little scary to me when thinking about dealing with diapers...well lets just say I have been baptized by fire (or more accurately-urine).

So while trying to juggle this new job of diapers, while standing in pain, and trying to avoid his healing circumcision and yet to fall off umbilical cord and clean up a poopy diaper I let my guard down. It was like a scene in a movie and if it had been recorded, it would be utube worthy. I was going about my business cleaning up his, and all of a sudden was accosted by a fire hose to the face. So strong was this stream i had to put up my hands in defense to protect my face. It soaked my shirt, him, the changing pad, the wall and anything else in the area. Josh, who was close by, almost fell to the floor in tears laughing so hard. Rowan 1-Mommy 0. But oh, revenge is sweet.

Later that evening Josh went to do the duty of yet another diaper change. And I guess Rowan had not quite finished, and as Josh peeled back the diaper Rowan projectile pooped across the changing pad, covering Josh and everything in its path. It was awesome.

One the doctors yesterday, Rowan was down to his diaper and needed to be weighed. As Josh laid him on the scale he some how peed up the front of his diaper, covering his chest . I mean, the diaper was on, tight, and he still managed to amaze us with his skills.

As a side note, our little guy weighed 5lbs 14 oz. He is such a little thing. None of his clothes fit and we have had the hardest time finding anything preemie...I am hoping that before we know it his pants stop falling off and the onesies stop drowning him. We will post some more pictures soon. I would do it now, but I am stuck on the couch with the little one next to me (letting Josh get some sleep) and I can't stand up and walk with the baby yet. Hopefully soon.


Lauren said...

That story is hilarious!! At least as small as he is, he can still pack a punch :).

Victoria said...

I definitely think you came out ahead in that particular Olympic Baby Rustling Event! If I had to choose one or the other...

When Jack was born, Becky sent me a picture of his first bath, and when we saw the washcloth covering his boy parts, we thought, aw, how sweet, they're sparing him the future embarassasment of having his mom show people baby-full-monty pictures! It was only later that I realized, oh, no, that was probably self-preservation.

Kristen Gardner Photography said...

Man, Rowan is hilarious. He's marking his territory...

I cannot tell you how much I love that photo... it's perfect! So cute.

Samantha & Company said...

Oh I remember those peeing days... you think there's NO WAY more could come out and BOOM!

Just wait until you experience the 'sneeze, pass gas and poop' all at the same time.

Fun times!!!