Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sunday, October 28, 2007

So I need to back date this a bit, because I didn't get around to starting this until almost a month later. This might be kind of cheesy, but I don't journal (in the conventional way) and wanted a way to record this life changing event somehow. We also thought it might be fun for our friends and family (near and far) to be able to follow along with the progress and be a part of this.

So here it goes....

I had been feeling a kind of sick and run down and just had a sneaking suspicion. Granted I had been convinced on a few other instances that I was pregnant and had been wrong, but still went a head and bought a test, fulling expecting it to be negative. Josh was still at youth. It was three days before his 25th birthday. So nervously I peed on the stupid thing, peeing on my hand in the process. Waiting a few minutes I looked down to detect a strong vertical line (negative) with a very faint horizontal line (positive). I had bought the cheapest test on the shelf not wanting to waste money on this stupid hunch I thought I had, this I found out was not the time to be frugal. Anyway, after staring at it and trying to decipher it for 10 minutes. I called Josh and had the strangest conversation with him....going something like...."so I took a pregnancy test and it is really faint and I am not sure so could you just pick one up on your way home" (spoken in rapid succession without pausing for breath). Four pregnancy tests (bringing our total to 5) later I was finally convinced it might be true. I did have to splurge and get the digital one the last time. There is no arguing with the word "pregnant". So I called the doctors office and made my first appointment.

I went in on Thursday, Nov. 1, just to get set up with shots and will go back on Nov. 21 for the first ultra sound. I will be 7.5 weeks pregnant at that point and will pick up with that tomorrow. Maybe even having a picture of a gummy bear to share with you all.

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