Saturday, November 20, 2010

Home Improvement projects

We have been plugging along with our home improvement projects. The basement is nearing completion, just in time for Josh's mom to take up residency with us so she can start a new job on the east coast! Hopefully Dana will be able to follow soon and the boys can have all their grandparents close by. My dad has been tirelessly slaving away helping us save thousands of dollars in labor costs. I am pretty sure we owe him our lives and first born son...and maybe the second one too. :) I have promised him if we ever move it will be in to a house that already has all this stuff done. It has been fun, exciting and totally overwhelming tackling all these projects and the decisions that go in to making them happen. I can honestly say I know my way around Home Depot and Lowes way more than I have ever wanted to. We have one more project going on upstairs in our half bath, but it isn't too exciting, so I will just post pics when it is all done, but thought you might enjoy seeing some pictures of our progress on the deck and basement.

Check out Rowan in his hard hat. I swear I don't put him up to this. He sees Pa and Josh doing work and he frantically gets his tool belt, tools and hard hat on so he can go to work. He cracks me up.
This will be the "mud room" side of the basement, right off the garage door. We still need to add a bench seat to the bottom cabinets, knobs and hooks, and maybe bead board, haven't totally decided. These were my bargain purchase at Home Depot for 50% off.
Josh's office will have french doors to let in some light and make the space feel a bit bigger.
Gram's room.
Full bath.

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