Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Riding a bike

Rowan got this great bike for Christmas and is just starting to be ready for it. He can just barely reach the peddles but is getting the hang of sitting on it and pushing it with his feet. He is also getting really good at steering it to get to where he wants to go. My favorite part is when he backs up, he beeps like a large truck would. Makes me laugh every time.

Pickles for breakfast, this kid gladly accepts. A freeze pop on a hot day...one bite and he handed it back.
One of Rowan's goals in life: find a big stick, hit trees with it, then throw it in the woods. This is repeated several times a day.


Teri said...

No more baby boy left in him....he's so big. Give him a kiss from Gram.

Teri said...

I "need" a video of him riding his bike and backing up! : )