Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Budding photographer

Rowan is getting more and more difficult to take pictures of because he is simply too busy with his life to stop and smile...that and he is obsessed with the camera himself. He is really starting to be at the age where he wants to imitate everything and yesterday was no exception. When he finally wrestled the camera out of my hands he closed one eye and held the camera up to his nose and pretended to take pictures. It might have been one of the cutest things ever. I wish I had another camera to take a picture of him.
Here he is literally climbing on top of me to get to the camera...
One of his many shots...he loves pushing the button and then seeing the image appear on the screen. Maybe one day his can work for his Aunties Kristen or Lashelle as a photography assistant.

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Kristen Gardner Photography said...

I need a second shooter this weekend... is Rowan free? Can I pay him with cookies? :)