Monday, February 16, 2009

Grandpa's alma mater

On one of my Dad's trips to Ohio to see his family, he brought back this shirt for Rowan. It is the college my Dad went to. It is a little long, but fits him pretty good otherwise. My Dad played baseball and football soon as Rowan can walk, I know Grandpa will be ready to teach him how to play. Although, Josh and I have joked that we will tell Rowan that baseball is an imaginary sport played on TV because we don't want to sit through the countless painful hours of t-ball and little league.


Lauren said...

Don't worry Rowan, if your parents don't want to sit through the little league games, I will and I'll keep your stats for you! :) I could never rob a child the experience to play the greatest American, possibly even world, sport! :) :)

Tim said...

Look at those teeth!!!